Blog Commenting

Commenting is very important to blog posts because it gives feedback to the blogger. Even if the comment is positive or negative, it still helps the blogger determine if the blog needs work or not. Also, when commenting on blogs, it’s important to provide a URL to their home page so the blogger knows where to go to get information about the blogger. I haven’t ever blogged before this class, but I can see why leaving comments to different types of blogs is so important. If a blogger post a blog, and doesn’t have any comments on it, then how will he know if it’s an effective blog or not? Also, if someone leaves a comment on you’re blog, he’s obviously interested about you’re topic and what you have to say. And when he does leave a comment, as a blogger you should take the comment to heart, whether it’s negative or positive. In Many Kilinskis’ 4 Tips for Leaving Blog Comments Authors Will Love, she describes four techniques that bloggers would love about comments. The four tips are be genuine, add value, don’t stroke your own value and feel free to disagree..politely. I find these four techniques very useful to a blogger, and I feel like every blogger should read it. The advice that I would give on writing effective blog comments would be to leave comments that you won’t regret leaving. An example of that would be if you posted a comment about a blog that you really didn’t care for that much, and left a rude comment. If the blogger checks his comments the next day and sees you’re comment, then the blogger wouldn’t be happy with you, then it just ruins the whole blog. These are the reasons why I think commenting on blogs is so important, and these techniques that I have mentioned will be very helpful when you comment on a blog.



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